Monday, March 1, 2010

OH how I love group work!

So my nursing class is one big group project that builds on itself until the end of the semester. Our paper is due this weekend, so a couple of weeks ago we got together to determine who would do what. That seemed to go pretty smoothly, and everyone got their assigned section relatively on time. We are trying to get it done early so that we can turn it in ahead of time for our instructor to critique and get back with us. Now why wouldn't we take advantage of that? I can't think of a reason.

So today I decide to sit down and critically proof the paper because I was certain that no one else had done it yet. I knew this because everyone's responses to each other was "looks great" or "wow" or something of the sort. Well, I sat down to discover that it was a complete wreck! OMG!! In social sciences, we use a format called APA (similar to MLA that you probably used in high school or early college). OK, so it's a pain, but you have to follow the rules. Well, apparently my group is kind of rough around the edges when it comes to APA, because it needed a lot of work. So, long story short, it took me over three hours just to get through the paper and that isn't even correcting everything. That was just making notes about what needed correcting. All I can say is I am wiped, and I really hope we can get this thing up to par in time.

Oh yeah, and I really hope my group doesn't hate me after they see how bad I tore apart our paper. :o(