Friday, February 19, 2010

Day dreaming the day away...

So Nathan is gone for two weeks. I am working on my statistics essay and I decided to pop in the ear phones and get a little music going so that I could concentrate. John Mayer happened to be my choice today. Well, all I have been doing so far is day dreaming away about all of the great memories some of his music brings back.

A little favorite time of the week is Friday nights. It is kind of our ritual to grab something good to cook, a good bottle of wine, and spend the evening together. It's absolutely my favorite way to spend time with Nathan. Many times for some reason, John Mayer ends up on the stereo (probably because I like it). :o)

So back to today, all I can think about is a warm summer evening, cooking a great dinner, and spending time with my honey. I have some major warm fuzzies going on! LOL! I guess if I can't see him for two weeks, I can at least day dream about great times together, can't I?

So can you see why my essay isn't getting done?

1 comment:

  1. ABSOLUTELY! Sometimes that day dreaming is all I have...thanks to the military! Memories last us a lifetime and good ones ARE the best...dream away sister! :)